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Overfoods Ltd is a private company operating in Rwanda. It aspires to tackle the global challenges by making quality food available, affordable and safe for everyone. At Overfoods, we believe that food security is prerequisite and mandatory for any community to unleash its potential. Overfoods works alongside multiple stakeholders and communities to ensure that the cost foods is brought to its minimum, maintaining the highest quality standards.

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Sustainability is at the core of our mission


At Overfoods, we believe that sustainability of the business is co-created by the local community. Situated in the rural areas of Rwamagana district, Ovefoods trains and employs the local community members. This ultimately, creates a strong & intercorrelated community of employees, trainees, suppliers and other beneficiaries. The goal is to reduce poverty levels in the local community, increasing employability skills and entrepreneurial potential of its surrounding community.

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