Chicken Prices are very volatile making your profits unpredictable. Here Below, we see the variation between 2021 and 2022.


We are helping businesses that source chicken meat (hotels, restaurants supermarkets, etc.) to make great, predictable and consistent profits.

Superior Quality

We strive to maintain the best standards for hygiene, grading and sorting based on your needs

Outstanding Products

Our products are fully inspected not just to comply and meet the standards but also to exceed your product quality expectations.

Stable Prices

We maintain a very low price variation - making your profitability predictable.

Price Predictability

We are vertically integrated and for that, we can provide outstanding and stable prices -which allows you to make predictable profits.

Excellent customer service

Our priority is to meet your needs. We only win, if you win, hence customer serice is vital to our business

We are here to serve

Our people are trained to serve and respond to your needs. It is crucial for us because it matters to you.

If interested, here are the offers we have for you, for bulk orders.

In case the offers above are not convincing to you, we have crafted discounted bulk packages for you.


49,950 RWF
  • 15 – 29 KG
  • Fresh or Frozen
  • 4% discount
  • Affordable shipping – 800RWF


96,500 RWF
  • 30 – 44 KG
  • Fresh or frozen
  • 8% discount
  • Affordable shipping – 500RWF


138,500 RWF
  • Above 45kg
  • Fresh only – frozen optionally
  • 12% discount
  • Free shipping

If you still have questions or need more support text us at contact[at]overfoods.com or call/Whatsapp +250789642343